What even is dating?


Gender Non-binary, gender-fluid, trans-feminine, assigned male at birth*
Sexual orientation Pansexual
Meyers-Briggs 🇮 🇳 🇫 🇵
Zodiac ♑Capricorn
East-Asian Zodiac 🐀Rat
Hogwarts House ⛨Ravenclaw
Religious Views Optimistic Nihilist
Other words
• Introvert
• Night 🦉Owl
• Humanist
• Feminist
• Sex-positive — any sex is good as long as it’s consensual.
• I Swipe right for 🐕s.

See here for more general, less-private info about me.

🏁 First of all

I’m Quoiromantic, which basically means I don’t recognize the lines between romance and friendship. I don’t understand romantic attraction and really couldn’t tell you whether or not I experience it.
I love my friends, but in all honesty,
Of course I recognize and understand that not everyone sees and feels things the way I do.

🎯 Seeking

Companionship, good conversation, snuggles, the warmth of another’s body. Y’know, the usual.
Wouldn’t at all mind a FWB situation either.

👪 Childrens

I am the part-time dad of two (8 and 6 years old). I have them only a few evenings during the week and one full day on the weekend. I would not press for you to meet, speak to, care for, or even acknowledge them unless you wished to. Obviously, if things became more serious, it would be nice if you at least liked them. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

💘 Six “relationshippy” things I could never do without

Companionship. Feeling remarkably comfortable as myself around someone else.
Alone time. A certain amount. Balance. How can I appreciate someone if they’re always around?
Affection. Physical touch and intimacy. I like touching and being touched. I don’t think this needs explanation.
Affirmation Words and actions that show me that you truly give a damn about me.
Being understood/accepted. Sharing a similar sense of humor. No fear of sideways glances when revealing unusual interests.
A sixth thing…